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Quartier Mivoie F-26400 AOUSTE SUR SYE Manufacturer of made-to-measure agricultural trailers since 1945 Manufacturer of made-to-measure agricultural trailers since 1945
Manure spreader: 2 vertical rotors with inclined screws
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Hydraulic fruit trailer
A typical hydraulic fruit trailer
  The beginnings of the company:
  Léon ROCHE, a cartwright by trade...

It was on the 8th of May 1945, a very significant date, that our father Léon ROCHE, who up to then had been working as a cartwright in Aubenasson (Drôme), decided to move his work to two small workshops in Aouste sur Sye.
Having based his work up to then on the manufacture and repair of wooden wheels, tumbrils and small wooden trailers for agricultural use, Léon ROCHE decided, in 1948, to reorient his activity to more modern trailers, and to do that developed a mechanical welding activity.
  Going for the regional market:
  setting-up of a new workshop

In 1955, after having expanded his market area from a local one to a regional one, he diversified his production, adding manure spreaders to his range. As business was building up (largely because of regular appearances at all the regional agricultural shows) and the premises had become too small, Léon ROCHE bought a 4000m² plot on the way out of the village ofAouste sur Sye going West, in 1962 to have a workshop built there.
  Expanding to the national market:
  setting up of a Limited Company, thanks to the family joining in

From the very start he had always worked alone, but we, his sons, joined him in his business; Maurice, the eldest, in 1964, then Jacques in 1967, and finally Jean-Paul in 1972. The result of the family joining in, which enabled the business to keep on developing and to move into the national market, was that in 1977 we set up a Limited Company as Roche and Sons Ltd, with Léon ROCHE becoming the manager and us his three partners.
At the same time, we upgraded our sales policy by participating actively in several large national trade shows. This continuous development made it necessary for us to extend our premises considerably in 1984, and modernize our factory.
  On to international markets:
  a modern company, geared up to Internet

Today, we are constantly seeking to innovate; the modernization of our means of production, management and marketing, together with the development of new processes, are the basis of our policy of continuous investment. It is this strategy that enables us to export our know-how to 14 countries in 5 continents.

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