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For wine growers
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Quartier Mivoie F-26400 AOUSTE SUR SYE Manufacturer of made-to-measure agricultural trailers since 1945 Manufacturer of made-to-measure agricultural trailers since 1945
Manure spreader: 2 vertical rotors with inclined screws
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Hydraulic fruit trailer
A typical hydraulic fruit trailer

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Product catalogue and Downloads.
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We have specialized in "made-to-measure" agricultural trailers for more than 55 years.
Our know-how is always used to give you an impeccable service.
Find out about some of our most original productions!

Manufacturing method

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  Roche Ltd is 55 years old !

Find out about the history of a company with enormous know-how, which has been in existence for more than half a century.

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Our trailers are trundling around in 5 continents.

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Geographical location

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